Audrie Meredith | Winston Salem, NC Birth Photographer

One of my absolute favorite things to photograph, is the birth of a child; it is such a beautiful, emotional, and humbling experience. I am so thankful that people are willing to allow me to capture this intimate experience and preserve the memories for them.

On Sunday morning, I got a text that Cassie’s water had broken. I was so excited, not just because she’s a good friend, but because after having two boys this was going to be their first girl! I’ve been amazingly blessed to be a part of all three of her deliveries, and the birth of her second child was the first birth I ever photographed. True to her previous pattern of laboring for hours and then progressing very quickly, sweet little Audrie was delivered with one push and donning a head full of beautiful, dark hair.

Ahh! I’m just so in love! I don’t think there is anything in the world sweeter than a precious little newborn. Even my toddler is in love with all of her “wittle” (little) parts. And it’s amazing how quickly they grow and change, so don’t forget to hug and kiss your little ones today. Seems like just yesterday mine was this little…



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