Summah Time!! | Winston-Salem, NC Child and Family Photographer

In case the 90+ degree temperatures weren’t enough of a hint, it’s SUMMER!! And I love, love, love all things summer! (Except the heat. And the sweating. And the sunburns. Err… You get the point. 😉 )

But this summer, I’ve made a huge decision! I’m taking the remainder of June, all of July, and part of August off.


That’s right! I’m taking the summer off to spend time with this cutie and his handsome Daddy. (aka-my hubby!)


I’ll will be taking sessions for folks who are scheduled and paid before June 17th, but after that you’ll have to wait until the fall to schedule a session!

I know this may seem a little crazy to you guys, but I’m super excited about it. This is going to be an awesome, super relaxing time to spend with family and will give me the time to recharge after several crazy, exhausting, and emotional months.

And because I know you guys may miss me during this time, I have an awesome way for you to keep up with what’s going on.

Just head on over to our family YouTube channel, The UHLs and Framily, to keep up with our daily adventures!!

We’ve just started daily vlogs this week so go check ’em out (Day 1Day 2, & Day 3) and be sure to give us a thumbs up, leave us a comment, and subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss a thing! 😉

See you guys in the fall!!